Iris from a card

After some contemplation, I have finally put up my sketches and drawing on to this blog as a page. Its not curated, no it has no purpose, or storyline, but to put my scribblings out there for passers-by to see, much like window shopping. The sketches here come from a time I was in school, […]

Vintage style

Greeting cards are going out of fashion, unfortunately. No not for me, I enjoy making and giving them, they are a small expression of creativity just for you. The maker and the chooser of the card all indulge themselves in trying to find a style and image that will put a smile on your face. […]

Britto at Art Choices Gallery

The Art fair was unlike the usual Dutch mood, it was vibrant with colour, post-modern fun forms, bling sometime bordering on Kitsch, and who am I kidding there was Kitsch around too. The Artist’s themselves were warm, inviting and shared their experiences, even though some dint speak English well, and my Dutch is not worth […]

Graffiti, I am sure they hate this

This was at one of the beaches in Indonesia, read more about the beaches in the post link below

Kukup Beach sand and cliffs

Kukup beach near Yogyakarta, Indonesia is a beautiful white sandy beaches. The water is clear and one can watch sea creatures going about, if you stand still. The sea recedes, in low tide, it and exposed black rock bed, this difference is striking. I spent the morning watching small fishes, star fish, and sea urchins […]

Bronze age Persian ceramics

In 2006 I visited Tehran, as I stepped out of the airport the smell reminded me of India. There is much in common here with India, in the hospitality, traffic, colours and the way of people, putting aside the religion. There is a certain pride that the people take in their history, even though everything […]

Crashing waves at Drini Beach

Crashing Waves and painted shells: Drini Beach The sound of the waves is all you can hear, as you stand on top of this cliff, looking at the Indian ocean crashing into the coast. The spray reaches you, in a light shower, respite from the hot sun. I stood here listening to the ocean, watching […]


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