Rhyme in arches

The tall space of the Cathedral interiors welcomes you, the slender stone arches and columns lending a light rhythm to the main aisle. The vast space does awe you, but does not impose. Pointed arches at intervals and different heights frame various views, and are a composition in themselves. Openings at upper levels have round […]

Calling the Faithful

The Salisbury Cathedral is an imposing Gothic expression, though it was built, and added to, its main character remains Gothic. The Spire is the tallest in England, and was a later addition to the main Cathedral. The Cathedral was first built around 1220, and there was a town that flourished around it , which was […]

The Inn next to a brook and a bridge

The Cathedral city of Salisbury came into existence in the 12th century, and since 1227 holds a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, this old town is a fascinating visit, along with the attraction of the Cathedral. Their are houses and inns in the market place and around which were built during different time periods and […]

View along the canals

The view around central Amsterdam, Netherlands, walking along the canals. Each Façade section is articulated in a different way, yet the basics remain the same, the individual statement never quite dominating the street view…

Unique Teapot 1735,  Meissen

Tea pots are fascinating and complex form of pottery, the form can be experimented with to give a a variety of charming, and sometimes surprising results. In this series ‘Treasure of Teapots’ I will be sharing with you the tea pots I found at Rijks Museum, Amsterdam. All photographs are courtesy of Rijks Museum and […]

Malabar man Rijks Museum

In my recent visit to the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, I found this beautiful porcelain couple labaled ‘Pair of Malabars’. They did not look anything to the Malabaris that I had known, and was greatly amused to find that this was what the 18th century Europeans thought ‘Malabars’ looked like. It is interesting to discover […]

Treasure under the stone

The Landscaping at the Haarlemmermeer Park is quite, yet in places exquisite, creating magical places as well as social meeting spots. Other posts from this series; http://playcreatelearn.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/flowers-at-haarlemmermeer-park/ http://playcreatelearn.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/roses-at-haarlemmermeer/


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