Signs from Cultures

Yes we can make a difference, you can change, and there is no excuse to self pity, and blaming others for the problems, but it is wrong to assume that everyone can. If that were true, every hard-working poor person would be able to leave the ghetto. It is also about opportunities, economic system and […]

Multi-cutural Turkey

Door Knockers add character to any door, it is a feature that carries the characters of the culture and how you know on a door. Some countries don’t have door knockers, only door bolts, does that say anything about them, like minimalist or ‘use your hand or voice’ ? More Images here!photography/cb6a

Peace Palace Entrance Lamps Detail

The Peace Palace in the Hague was built in 1913, houses the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or World Court, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), the renowned Peace Palace Library, as well as the Hague Academy of International Law. Due to its humanitarian work and service provided to various nations, I have been intrigued […]

He knows you are watching
Who Me?

I never tire of looking at cats, they can be clumsy, elegant, poised… somehow the lines in their body are always beautiful.

William of Orange, The Hague

Three months ago I moved to the Netherlands, having spent one year moving back and forth from India to The Netherlands, till I could pass my Dutch integration test, to get a long term visa,. Having given an integration test and got 94/100 in the history section, I knew more history dates than my Dutch […]

Flowers, everyone likes flowers

And here are some more of the personalised cards… For those of you who indulge in other things, but would like to get personalised cards made, I do take requests. Leave your email address in the comments and will write to you, deleting your email address for safety.


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