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Shoes designed well

Image courtesy United Nude

I have been doing research and writing about shoes for three months for the Design Museum’s Christian Louboutin show, during which i have seen countless shoes. The On-Line Journel Curating Fashion is featured on the Design Museum Site (with a spelling mistake ‘creating fashion’, but thats us) Before i started this project i was not a shoe person, well designed shoes meant comfortable and ergonomically designed footwear from ECCO (most often ankle boots). Today i am a far more evolved person, when it comes to footwear, and i have all the respect for the craftsmen and designers that make well designed shoes. I seem to like more of the handmade shoes like ‘the Apprentice’ . United Nude has an appeal to architects and designers, their shoes are about surprise, innovation, form exploration and colour. Some of my favourites are  Alexander McQueen with their flamboyent designs, Kei Kagami’s Shoe art, Christian Louboutin’ s let me tell you, Invisible shoe by Andeia Chaves and Nike’s projects on footwear.


Alexander McQueen, Flutter


the Apprentice shoe by Doshi Levien

Shoe Art by Kei Kagami


Andreia Chaves, Invisible Shoe

Nike-Zvezdochka-by-Marc-Newson, Image courtesy dezeen

Has it changed what do i wear? well i still wear my ECCO shoes, so that  i can walk around for hours looking at exhibitions and museums. Its still comfortable shoes for me, though now-a-days i would like my comfortable shoes to look like any of the above.

Ecco Shoes, Image courtesy Ecco website


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