Colour / flower / Nature / Photography / Poetry / Purple


Purple sun



There is an empty space in my backyard,

Next to a bed of purple flowers,

Planted there for an effect of spring

With flowers on the patch on which I lie.


Webs in purple


Loneliness and death are not the same

But in this world we relate them closely,

The dead are given flowers and I give myself

Sheets with flowers on my bed


Green opening to purple


Wrapped in foil

Fresh from a box

Frozen for fifteen days

Flown in from some place where its spring

A fresh rose


deep purple


I would be tiered

carrying the spring for so long

frozen in me

I would have preferred

To bloom, open, fill the air with fragrance

And dry in the sun

But rose, you carry the spring enslaved to me,


purple bloom


In this room where I wither,

I try to recall

Did I really bloom?

When was it?

that perfect moment of bloom?



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