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London Cabbie Tales

Cabbie Tales at RCA Shoe 2012

Cabbie Tales at RCA Shoe 2012 is one of my favourite exhibits, which may well be because I like storytelling. I loved to listen to my grandmother and her sister tell me stories, and later it was history classes which to me seem more like stories. I like a good story, but it’s more charming when you sit next to a good storyteller and let them help you with your imagination, there is also something about a good storyteller’s voice, it is soothing… or maybe that’s just me. Today there are far fewer storytellers, imagine if you were asked to sit in front of 10 children and tell a story keeping them captivated for an hour, could you do it? My grandmother’s generation everyone could do it!

Cabbie Tales at RCA Shoe 2012

With TV and Youtube, and the visual storytelling taking over, we have lost the simple art of telling stories to each other, simple stories about our trials and experiences… those are far more relevant, than the soaps I think. Blogs are a new way of telling our stories, somewhere between memoirs and articles, and I am beginning to like this world of stories.

The Cabbie Tales is literally what it says, you sit inside the cab, and a recording of a cabby telling his story comes on. You can sit inside the cab as long as you like (there were only three stories I listened to) and as you leave, you get a printout of one of the stories from the receipt opening. This experience was personal, engaging and charming.

The story , Cabbie Tales

My souvenir was a story told by a cabbie, about london during the war…

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