Wrought Iron Craft India

Boat Race

The abstract forms made in wrought iron could well be worthy to be displayed in an art gallery. The truth is they are far from a gallery setting, these are wrought iron craft objects made by a community in India from the Bastar District, which is in central India. It is called Lohshilp in the local language and is one of the most unique and oldest crafts of the region; which previously used to make farming and hunting implements for tribes.


Wall hanging depicting animals,people dancing, hut, fauna


Candle Stand

The craft is now slowly evolving into an art form, and gaining worldwide recognition. The craftsmen are responding to the present culture and that is reflected in the new forms created.


Village Dance


The Mother with Umbrella and Child is my favourite piece, the detail of the child’s arm wrapped around the mother, the wide hips of the mother on which the child rests, and the umbrella with a hole in it. The craftsman is sensitive to portray reality of a villager inIndia. The aesthetic appeal, generated from the simplistic forms show a deeper understanding of abstraction of form, which many artists struggle to achieve in metal.


Mother with Child and an umberella


Candle Stand

Sometimes I think, the process of making teaches you more, than conceptualising…  the craftsmen at Bastar have discovered the interesting abstract forms intuitively, what we try so hard to teach in Art and Design schools.


Key Hanger
Wall Hanging depicting Sun and dancing people


wrought iron mask



All Images Courtesy Palash Vaswani, IDC, IIT Bombay,India


  1. I wonder if you have visited this region of India. I have a desire to do so but understand that it is not safe due to the Maoist insurgency. Do you have any firsthand or up to date information about how safe it is to travel to this area? Thanks. Beautiful post, too!

    • It is difficult area of india to travel to. I have been through the area with a group, 5 years ago. the documentation is by a student from IDC IIT Bombay, there is a link at the bottom of the page, you can write and ask the current situation. thank you for stopping by and reading.

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