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Blues Flowers for a New Day

Blue Iris, from Kingston Gardens

A New Day

my home tidies itself on the weekend,

all things come to their place in motion

except my bed

its never made…

only if someone is visiting

as what is there to be kept back in place? 

dreams ? thoughts? passion? 

i go back to them every night

sometimes wishing for a sequel

because a kiss in dreams becomes sublime

there is only him and me…

Blue, Surbiton gardens

with me on my bed live;

time, words and writing…

sometimes a passing lover

sometimes a fantasy

Blue, Wimbledon

the train of thought is lost

… a phone call

mothers and sisters have perfect timing 🙂

hence i think poets write at night …

when they are sleeping

Blue hedge, Berrylands

it can be exhausting living two lives, and now three!

A Job, Studying, and Facebook/twitter…

and there are those who do not believe is parallel universes ?!

i explore my mind with my muse

a spring from another time and place

who but a poet knows what longing for a muse is…

lost souls that know the truth

yet to please the mind, indulge in it:)

Blue Spikes, Pine Gardens

oh! every poet jumps off a cliff,

it’s just that we do it with more finesse,

no gory blood or broken bones, 

in my being i have done it several times

to surrender, to leave control…

its like morphine, numbs the pain

you see me smiling

as i use the next ‘tallest’ tower to learn to fly

Blue Bells on Regent Street

reality is all flesh and bones and gravity

what can a meeting with a fantasy be?

to give shape or form to what is within

is limiting 

and i want a boundless sky

Blue Bells washed in rain

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