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Soft stars

You are my background


You are so boring, plain and coarse as I look across at you,

I could feel my tip eroding on you,

I come to you with a certainty,

I know you’ll be there,

Coarse and dull without expression,

As boring as my crawl across you with a lethargic expression,

Shades of gray,

Let me try a different expression

Vibrant …


Garlic Stars

Hide and Seek


I love to spread myself on you,

You remain my background dull and boring,

And I spend myself more on you,

Between you and me,

We form a film of expression,

You consistent,

Me inconsistently rhythmic in my movement,

I learn to use you,

As you watch me patiently,

Are my colours overbearing?

Is there too much of me

I don’t want you to lose yourself in me…


Tiny White Bells

Caught in White

Proud to be the only one

How beautiful to find you,

A quite background for my thoughts,

Your pattern imprinted in my colours

You within my expressions

Where ever I move

You consistent and me eroding

Snow White



Brown & White

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