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Indian Textiles- Cotton Sari

Khadi Shirts

Khadi Textiles

These are examples of hand spun and hand-woven textiles known as Khadi and made in India. The range depicts the textures and colors used in these textiles made of textile material that is popularly used for shirts and kurtas ( indian style shirts). The textile is spun into threads on a spinning wheel (chakra) by hand. Mahatma Gandhi encouraged the use of Khadi textiles as a means of attaining self reliance in the country during the fight for independence from the British, since then it is also symbolic of self -reliance in India. the textile has a coarse texture as it is hand spun and uneven weave which makes it appealing to some designers, and has been making a comeback in the boutiques in India.

Documented by Uttaran Dutta, M Des student in Visual Communication, IDC, IIT Bombay, d.uttaran[at]

Traditional method of tie and dye for cotton threads

Broken yarn is attached to cotton winding machine

Chettinadu Sari

The Chettinadu sari gets its name from the town where it is created. Chettinadu is a small town in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. The traditional sari from Chettinad is called Kandanghi and it is made of cotton. The Kandanghi sari has checks and temple borders and the rest of the sari  have a traditional check pattern in vivid colours. The traditional saris are made in mustard, earthly red,  oranges, chromes and brown colours. The photographs in this post show the process of making cotton sari, the process of making a sari on the loom remains the same for most parts of India, the patterns and colours change depending on the region.

traditional method of attaching thread to loom

Attaching multiple colours

Attaching the threads on the loom, and fixing breakges

working in the check pattern

Loom and weft

Artisans proudly display their sari

Documented by Dr. Bibhudutta Baral, National Institute of Design, Bengaluru

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