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Colour of Shelter, Hoofddorp


Swans at the canal



Swans at the canal

Colour of shelter

 What is the colour of shelter ?


Woody, warm fireplace

Woody, as in the jungle

Warm dark, like the Mahogany

Ovenbaked, smelling of home

This world feels cold, home feels warm

View of the canal in Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Romance in the canal


Blue as the clear blue sky,

Blue as the Indian ocean,

swimming in warm, sensual waters,

Blue as blue at home alone…

Can’t be bluer for me  at home.

Mother Duck


A mother’s war


the not-so-graceful

Warm as yellow; basking sun,

Warmer; orange,

or simply hot; molten iron

The red hot of fire,

Is no home

and four walls and a roof  is no shelter



Shelter is a bus stop on a

rainy day

A little smile

on a bloody bad cold day

A touch of a hand

on a sick day

A cosy windowsill

for the bird to perch on  


Flowers in the tall grass


A little of you

At the end of the day.


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