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Un- Curated: My indulgences in drawing

Touch me/ touch me not

Touch me/ touch me not

After some contemplation, I have finally put up my sketches and drawing on to this blog as a page. Its not curated, no it has no purpose, or storyline, but to put my scribblings out there for passers-by to see, much like window shopping. The sketches here come from a time I was in school, to more recently. The subjects, if you look through are varied, and they are not presented in a time line… thus Un- curated (no that is not a correct term). And yet did I subconsciously pick one over the other in sequence because I though it was my better work?


So what is it that drives us to show our colours ? Like the tropical birds showing their feathers, who are we trying to entice ? the constant images on Facebook, twitter, instagram, is it all looking for affirmation ? It could also be that one is not open to criticism and comment, that one has moved away from their creation and can look at it with detachment. When you posted your work which was the drive ? would love to hear from you fellow bloggers…


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