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Do you think you can achieve anything you want ?

Yes we can make a difference, you can change, and there is no excuse to self pity, and blaming others for the problems, but it is wrong to assume that everyone can. If that were true, every hard-working poor person would be able to leave the ghetto. It is also about opportunities, economic system and power systems. Yes, one can change those if a ‘critical mass’ is achieved, but to get there it is not just you. Yes, we have brilliant stories of survival and achievements, but what if you are not the smartest and resourceful? genetics and neuro-science now does tell us our brain wiring can be changed, but how many neurons we have is predisposition. One does not ‘think’ your way into depression, sometimes it is a chemical imbalance, caused by several factors other than emotion. One can strive everyday and be happy with it, yet not ‘successful’ or ‘not winning’, He does not define what is a ‘good’ life, he does say ‘most of you’ not all… Having lived in a developed world and otherwise, I see better placed people making comments ‘if they wanted to they would change’ for the less fortunate. Sorry for the rant, but I have been hearing this message quite often, hence the reaction… The game is not equal for them, a lot of our lives is also about where we were born, and what opportunities we were able to convert… But to say we can all be what we want to be, if we strive is not real either.

what do you think ?


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